Adding hours to the day

Mom + Son home workout session
Parents of more than two children, how do you do it?

You are superheroes in my eyes. Just being able to get yourself dressed, presentable, and to work every day is mind-boggling. The logistics of parenting multiple children could be diagrammed in a manual but I am sure the reason it never has been done is because, well, we don’t have time.

In my 10 short months of being a mom to two children, I have had to developed new strategies to enable myself to get things done. The things I don’t necessarily want to do but have to do: cooking, cleaning, laundry, blah!

I never have “me” time any more. Which sucks, yes; however, I choose to be a mom, so I have to be okay with this. One day I will hopefully get this back, so for now I am getting creative.

Here are things I do to get a little extra time in the week for the things I want to do and that are more important.

Grocery Delivery/Pick-up


Who ever invented grocery deliver/pick-up is a parental Godsend! Each Saturday, I meal plan through a healthy foods app called Mealime. It helps gather my grocery list in one place. Then I then add all the items to my online Hyvee Aisles Online shopping cart, hit checkout, and Ta-Dah…about 24 hours later, I drive to the store and they load the groceries in my car. They also offer delivery, but our home is out of range. Not only does this save me at least an hour a week, but also it saves us money because we aren’t impulse buying! To prove just how easy it is (sorry for the TMI) I usually do all of this while nursing my 10-month old.

Meal Delivery


Since I have reviewed these in an earlier blog, I just wanted to touch on Meal Delivery. We have been doing this for about 9 months and love it. This option is great if you don’t want to meal plan or shop. They deliver all the ingredients for pre-set meals you cook at home. You pick the number of meals, for how many people, and how often. We have used the following and highly recommend them:

  1. Blue Apron:
  2. Plated:
  3. HelloFresh: (to save $40 off)
  1. Green Chef: (gets you 4 Free Meals)



This was a struggle for me because I am very frugal. If I can do it, why would I pay for it? Well, simple answer, time is precious and super important, especially when your kiddos are little. We found every Sunday was spent cleaning instead of out running around making memories. This is money well spent. Now I come home from work and my house is spotless and smells delicious! We have been using a local company, Green & Chic Cleaning Services, and they do an excellent job. Owner, Heidi, makes all her own cleaning supplies that are chemical-free and safe for children and pets. She sells them at the farmer’s market, my personal favorite is the Lavender cleaner and Linen Spray, which she sells for only $6. Hiring Green & Chic has saved us hours upon hours! Website:

Clothing Delivery


I love shopping, it is therapeutic and enjoyable anytime I need a pick me up. This is a another one of those “me” moments that is rarely obtainable. Imagine coming home to a big box that inside lies a surprise array of clothing, accessories, and shoes to try on, pair with your other wardrobe items, and keep if you want. Or if you don’t like them, send them back. Sounds like Christmas morning, right? Stitch Fix is just that. I have been doing the clothing delivery service for about 8 months and have been pleasantly surprised. You fill out a detailed survey of likes/dislikes, fits, colors, shapes, patterns, etc. I have bought about 10 items total, but that was me practicing self-restraint. Most boxes I want to buy at least 3 of the 5 items delivered. You can pick your spending preferences and frequency of delivery (I do cheapest and once a month). There are other companies out there too, but I found this one to be the most affordable. You pay $20 for a styling fee but only if you don’t buy one of your items (they refund it to you once purchased). Then if you buy the whole box, you save 25% off. Check it out here:

At Home Workouts


There is literally no time in the day for me to get to the gym any more. By the time I get there, get changed, do my workout, and drive home, it has been two or more hours for an hour of working out. Plus on work nights, that means we haven’t eaten dinner until after 7 p.m. I am a firm believer in doing some type of exercise every day, so I needed a solution. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am doing a 30-day nutrition and workout challenge through Team Beach Body. What is so awesome about this (besides the yummy shakes) is the workouts are only 25-minute and you do them at home. Who can’t find 25 minutes when the kids are asleep to workout? Sawyer has even done them with me while Scout watches in his walker. I figure it is a great way to educate my boys on fitness. They are intense and I have already noticed an increase in my strength and endurance. They are affordable too since you can keep the DVDs to use forever (or until DVDs are out of date).


I’d love to hear your time-saving techniques! Leave a comment or drop me a line for your tips!



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