We are…family

There is just something about a family reunion that gets me so excited. I really enjoy those once a year events that you eagerly anticipate seeing old faces and sharing stories from the previous year. I know not everyone is as keen on family get-togethers; however I grew up in a family that thrived on things like this. We had yearly vacations where all my cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. would travel to a location and spend the week together. It was the best! I miss those days, so marrying into the Hamra family was a blessing in disguise (for more reasons than just this) because I get to be a part of their annual Hamra/Homra family reunion in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This isn’t like your typical reunion, this is legit!

The planning that goes into this is done through the official Hamra/Homra club that has officers and all. The family is rich in history with membership in the The Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs. The President of the Southern Federation attended the reunion and gave a wonderful speech. I have to say, I am very proud to have my sons learn all about their heritage through these reunion.

John’s grandparents, Sam & June, hosted a beautiful party for his uncle Mike and new aunt Eileen who were married earlier this year. His grandfather made a great speach in their honor.

The family directory has upwards of 200 names on the list and I would venture to say 50-60 people attend each year. There were so many more children this year, as we missed last year since I was about to pop with Mr. Scout. Sawyer made some new best friends; a few of which he plans to become pen pals with (my inner child was totally jealous). These new, older pals convinced him to jump into the deep end for the first time and off the side of the boat into the lake. That is what it is all about!

This year we stayed at DeGray Lake Resort State Park. It was beautiful with lots to do. John’s uncle Mike rented a boat one morning for all of us to enjoy. We also spent a lot of time at the pool. At night we had dinners together and even a DJ with lots of dancing. They even hired a photographer, Eli Murray, who took some great pictures of everyone who attended.

view all my photos from the weekend, here


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