Scout // 1 Year Photo Session

View More: absolutely love our photographer Jared at J Design Studio. He is always open to my ideas and super patient with my boys. He’s been shooting John and me since our engagement session in 2011.

This latest session was at Springfield Lake for Scout’s 1st birthday. I love how it captures Sawyer and Scout’s relationship and just how truly silly we all are, never taking ourselves too seriously. It was literally 100 degrees that day so I’m surprised you don’t see the sweat building on our foreheads. In some of the photos you can see the snacks we used to bribe both boys, we are not too proud!

Scout was a champ! And as you can tell, quite the ham in front of the camera.

Sawyer was getting tired and hot and said “no more!” And I really just wanted one of me and him. Jared said “Sawyer, you can pick what you do in the picture”. I was hoping for a kiss or hand hold but he surprised us and said, “Let’s run, mommy!” So we did!

View More:

See all the pictures here:

Thank you J Design!


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