Weekend in Pictures

The theme of this weekend, could be “Little Friendships”. Friday through Saturday both boys got to not only spend time with us, but their friends. 

Friday, school was closed so Sawyer had his friend Samuel over to play. They played so hard, they both went to bed early that night.

Saturday, we played at Rutledge Wilson with my parents (not little friends per se, but still friends). The boys did meet 12 new little piglets that were super cute!

Sunday, we spent the afternoon at the zoo where we ran into Sawyer’s gymnastics buddy Evelyn and her baby sister Vivian. They had a blast, fleeting peacocks and running around snapping pics in front of every statue. 

Sunday evening, we had a fun dinner at our house with our friends Matt and Nannette and their sweet 14 month old, Cora. Scout is in love! 

It is really fun to see these budding relationships and to see them both interacting with their peers. 

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