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Weekend in Pictures // Dallas

Some of our dear friends moved to Dallas, TX about a year and a half ago. Every since then we have been wanting to visit. They had their third child in July and we couldn’t think of a better excuse to make the trip and meet their new bundle of joy, Miss Charleigh Palmer. We had a blast and got to do a lot despite only there for a few days. All of our kids have known each other since they were little, and it was awesome to see them getting to catch up (Sawyer + Paisley are planning to get married!)

The trip ended with some annoying travel delays (unplanned hotel stay in Chicago due to weather, blah), but we survived and the kiddos handled it better than I would have expected. I even got to experience some amazing kindness of strangers! A sweet woman carried Scout to his hotel bed for me as I carried a passed out, 45-lb. Sawyer because John had to stay at the airport to get our luggage. Even though at the time, it felt like a crappy situation….moments like that help you realize it could always be worse and there still are kind people in the world!

Here are our pictures:

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