Scout // 15 months

Happy boy!
Another month has passed and Mr. Scout is 15 months (Sept. 24). He seems to just love life and is only fussy when he is hungry or tired. Sawyer and him are best buds and play together more and more (even wrestle). He has a little problem with biting, but the doctor said it looks like his molars might be the cause of that. My new favorite thing he does is kissing. If I ask for a kiss, he puckers up and plants one right on my lips!

Crazy how similar the two boys are at this age (exact same weight!)….

 Here is Sawyer at 15 months:

Scout’s 15-month stats

weight: 26.5 lbs or 90th percentile – at 14 months he was 25 lbs.

height: 31.5 in. or 62nd percentile – at 14 months he was 31 in.

clothing:  18-24 months and 2T shirts. Wears a size 6 shoe 

diapers: Size 5

Breakfast lover
eating: I just stopped nursing about 2 weeks ago so he is strictly on milk and table food.

sleeping: Still sleeps great except naps. Goes to bed about 7 or 7:30 p.m. and wakes up about 7 a.m. Lately he fights napping during the day, but we have been letting him cry it out.

teething: no change in teeth but doctor said his molars are coming in. 7 teeth (4 on top and 3 on bottom).

other updates: Seems like he can understand almost any command you give him (brush your teeth, throw this away, let’s go outside). His vocabulary is growing too, some new words include steps, doggy, and belly. He absolutely loves bath time, hard to get him out when we are done. He also loves singing and dancing, perks up anytime he hears music. When we had his 15-month check up yesterday, his doctor said she normally warns parents that this age is hard due to stranger danger, but Scout is super friendly. He sat for her the whole time while she did the check up, he didn’t even flinch when they gave him two shots!! He just loves people. Whenever we are out, he waves at everyone who walks by. He is a big fan of washing his hands and brushing his teeth, would probably do it all night if I let him. Not a bad habit to have!

Here are a few more photos and videos from the month:

Feeding Bowie:

So Big!

Nightly walks with brother

washing his hands

now time to brush his teeth

snacks outside

The dimple!

Getting weighed

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