Our village

My favorite adage “It takes a village” has been our families’ motto these past 30 days (see my prelude here).

As full-time working parents, care for our children has been consuming our every waking hour. And is seems we made it work through the skin of our teeth. Finding available, quality childcare in Springfield, MO is like winning the lottery…seriously!
It has been a whirlwind of changes, unexpected twists in the road, heartbreak, frantic scheduling, and sacrifice. This might sound dramatic, but if I wrote it all out the plot could rival some of the family dramas you see on prime time television (hmm, maybe that is an idea).
I’ll give you a little taste…

John took the closing shift at work all last week. This meant he would get home from work about 2 a.m., sleep for a few hours, and then wake up when I went to work at 7 a.m. to watch our boys all day until he had to be back at work at 2:30 p.m. Talk about sacrifice!

My blog on Sawyer’s behavior was just the beginning of our journey, and we are still in the early stages of figuring it all out.
A quick update:
  • We have finished three weeks of PCIT classes with our child Psychologist and are already noticing amazing breakthroughs.
  • Sawyer has completed four weeks at Shining Stars with no incidents and is thriving.
  • Scout starting a new full-time school this week and loves it! Even found a familiar face in his class
  • Sawyer started a new morning school to supplement Shining Stars. Today is his second day! He also has a few familiar faces that attend as well.
While it is too soon to tell how all this will unravel, I wanted to post an update and shout out to our “village”! To shine a light on how we survived and thank all the people who without hesitation supported our family and said “whatever you need”, came over to watch our kiddos at a moment’s notice, prayed with us, gave us behavior and/or childcare advice, mowed our lawn, or even just let us vent (sorry for all my tears).
There is absolutely no way we would still be sane without these people! Plus they helped lighten the load helping us focus on what was best for our two boys during these transitions.

• Mike & Laura E. • Donnetta & Derrick N. • Katrina A. • Darlene A. • Julie G.• Steve & Loralynn B. • Rachel B. • Katie E. • Sarah C. • Lindsey R. G. • Jean M.• Dixie L. • Jennifer J. • Lori S. • Karen B.• Angel E. •

There has been countless others who have messaged or called us. The support has been humbling and it just goes to show we aren’t the only ones fighting this battle.
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

FINALLY….help support Sawyer’s Shining Stars program by signing up for their Reach for the Stars Fun Run & Walk. We will be there for the 5K and would love to see some friendly faces. All proceeds benefit Shining Stars Early Childhood Education and children with special needs. Register here: www.reachforthestarsrun.com



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