Scout / 16 months


This 16-monther is finally starting to make his voice heard. Communications has been key these last few weeks. New words are coming out every day and he is finding his sweet little voice. He loves hearing it too, has starting yelling (with a smile on his face) randomly in public. He fought a couple stomach problems over the last week but I think it is because of his brand new molar that came through.

Here is Sawyer at 16 months: Sawyer at 16 months

One big difference is Sawyer had actually pooped in the potty. We better start working on that ūüôā But the stats are so close again. ¬†¬†Oh and look at all that hair on Sawyer!

Scout’s 16-month stats

 weight: 27 lbs. at 15 months he was 26.5 lbs

height: 32 in. at 15 months he was 31.5 in.

his favorite thing is probably his car

clothing:  same as last month 18-24 months and 2T shirts. Wears a size 6 shoe

diapers: Size 5

eating: everything and anything

getting good with his spoon

sleeping: same as last month. Wants to go to be early (like 7 pm) and wakes up about 7 a.m. Lately he fights napping during the day, only taking about an hour nap.

teething: Two new teeth; one new molar and finally the other bottom inciser. 9 teeth (4 on top and 4 on bottom, 1 molar).


Here are a few more photos from the month:

first time trying s’mores
every morning has to have his cup and his snack
loves bath time
a pumpkin that weighs the same as him
wearing his big boy clothes!

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