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Family // Fall


In 20 years, I know when I look back on this season of my life, it won’t be the mess or the stress that will come to mind, but my two little boys careless and curious with big smiles, inquisitive eyes, and dirty hands. And that is exactly how my friend Megan Beckham captured our family in her photos.

Every year, around this time, I try to get family photos taken for our Christmas card. This year, Megan was kind enough to do just that, but more! She has a natural talent for photographing children just being kids, she gets lots of practice with her too littles. 

These were shot on the farm road by our house around twilight, as the boys explored and played in the lush fields and rocky train tracks. I love how her candid close-ups show the details of their little faces. She also was able to get a couple of just John and me, all while she held Scout!

I am truly thankful for these pictures of our family, I will treasure them forever.

Below are my favorites, see them all HERE

Scout // 16 months
Sawyer // 4.5 years


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