Scout // 17 months


On Thanksgiving Day, our little turkey turned 17 months. What a funny guy he is! While not much has changed with his stats this month, he is developed his own silly personality and is great at communicating. He loves to dance, sing, and wrestle with his brother. We have also noticed that whatever Sawyer has, he wants. Especially during mealtime, so we have started ordering Scout the exact same thing.

Both are boys are very close at this age with the same weight, but Scout is a little taller. Which might account for why Sawyer looked a little chubby at this stage in his photos.

Here is Sawyer at 17 months:

Scout’s 17-month stats

weight: same as last month – at 16 months he was 27 lbs

height: 33 in. – at 16 months he was 32 in.

clothing:  same as last month 18-24 months and 2T shirts. Wears a size 6 shoe

diapers: Size 5

eating: everything and anything. His favorites are apples, fig bars, cereal, bananas, anything that has carbs in it (bread, pizza, pancakes, waffles, toast, biscuits, etc.). He got to try his first Nakato’s Japanese Steakhouse meal this past weekend and loved it. Thanksgiving was very successful too, he ate everything on his plate.

In awe of the big flame at Nakato’s
sleeping: Still sleeping great at night, from about 7:15 pm – 7 am. Napping at school is going great (about 2 hours), but on the weekends he only makes it about 30 minutes.

teething: 12 teeth now! He has the top four, bottom four, and all four molars.


other updates: He is finally saying “mama” all the time. I knew it would come, but it seemed to take much longer than Sawyer. Some new words include bubble, door, tree, and sky. I love how he always kisses me in the mornings, it melts my heart! One of his favorite songs right now is Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes and he is getting great at pointing out his body parts during the song and on his own. He started at his brother’s school about two weeks ago and is doing great. He just walks right in every day ready to play. It is so nice to have them at the same school now.

Here are a few more photos and a video from the month:

Every night we have a tickle fest before bed:

playing on our hike

first day at his new school
really enjoying his new teachers and friends

bath time fun

little rock star

handsome boy

adorable but a little mischievious

loves apples!

cool new shirt from his godfather

first time at the kid table

about to pass out

loving Papa Sam

Sitting like a big boy in the booth

daddy’s little buddy

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