Scout // 18 months

Christmas Eve was extra special this year since Scout turned 18 months. I feel like I blinked and he was a toddler. This boy is so joyful and full of life, you can’t help but smile being around him.


Sawyer weighed more and talked much more at this age, but Scout isn’t far behind. Scout is taller which make him look a little leaner than Sawyer was.

Here is Sawyer at 18 months:

Scout’s 18-month stats

weight: 30 lbs. (97 percentile) – at 17 months he was 27 lbs.

it is worth noting at his 19 month appointment his head was 19.29 in. (88 percentile) which is a mere 1.5 cm different than his brother!

height: 34.8 in. or 2 ft. 9 in. (68 percentile) – at 17 months he was 33 in.

clothing:  Mostly 2T, some 18-24 months. Wears a size 6 and 7 shoe

diapers: Size 5

eating: This boy loves everything! His favorites are probably apples and bananas.

sleeping: Same as last month till sleeping from about 7:15 pm – 7 am. Napping at school is going great (about 2 hours).

teething: All of his teeth are in except his canines which just broke through.

other updates: He is saying so much more this month. He started saying Grandma, Grandpa, Yellow, Window, Juice, and so many others I can’t list them all. He like to play with cars and push them around and say “vroom, vroom”. He got a cleaning set for Christmas with a mop, broom, and duster and that keeps him very busy! He is non-stop right now, always moving from item to item!

Here are a few more photos from the month:

Visit to Itty Bitty City
Flirting with Allie
Such a big boy
pretending to pee like his big brother,  yikes!
going for a ride with brother
visting Great Grandma
Playing Piano with Aunt Julie
Visit from Godfather Matt!

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