Peace out 2016

Dear 2016,

You were sort of a drag.

On a personal level…you took my dear pup, Faith, who was by my side for nearly 16 years. You tested my mothering skills to a level I thought I couldn’t handle. You brought an invasive surgery for our son Scout (don’t worry he is fine), turned our son Sawyer’s world up-side-down.

On a national/international level…

  • You cut short the lives of so amazing talents (prince, bowie, harper lee, gene wilder, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, Carrie Fisher, Alan Rickman, and the list goes on).
  • You took countless innocent victims during police shootings, bombings, terrorist attacks, and violence.
  • You brought flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, and large plane crashes in Egypt and Columbia.
  • You gave us a presidential election that left a sour taste in nearly everyone’s mouth.
  • And seriously, the Cubs even won the World Series (just kidding that was pretty cool…for them).

But because I am an optimistic person, I also want to remember all the positive things that took place over the last 365 days. So, while the above might be daunting, I really am thankful for another year of health, love, and happiness.

2016, here is what you were awesome at:

  • You took me to Captiva Island for our first family of 4 vacation and Scout’s first visit to the ocean.
  • You gave me one heck of a visit to Arizona, where I got to experience Scottsdale and the beautiful Sedona for the first time.
  • You let me experience some super fun concerts including Beyoncé, James Taylor, the Lumineers (Sawyer + Scout’s first concert), and Dierks Bentley (I even got to go on stage).
  • You brought the marriage of my sister to my new brother-in-law, Brian.
  • You gave me a 5-year wedding anniversary to celebrate with my husband.
  • You introduced the adorable Allie Maxine (Congrats to our best friend’s Megan + Tim).
  • You gave Sawyer the opportunity to learn to play soccer, T-ball, and martial arts, and he excelled at all of them.
  • You gave us hope through the news that both my sister-in-law Cindie and my father-in-law Derek are cancer free.
  • You brought exciting new adventures to my best friend Trina as she accepted a new job in Kansas City (missing her like crazy!).
  • You brought along my 7-year anniversary with O’Reilly Auto Parts (hello extra week vacation).
  • You brought Scout’s 1st birthday, with a celebration with friends and family.
  • You gave us Sawyer’s new pet Larry the mini turtle.
  • You honored John’s uncle Mike with a Missourian Award and John’s grandpa Sam with the SBJ Man of the Year Award!.
  • You took my cousin Meghan off the market with her engagement to Nick…making me a bridesmaid and my boys ring bearers in the process.
  • You brought John and me back to Dallas for Scout and Sawyer’s first trip to Texas and a wonderful visit with our friends the Tarwaters (plus getting to meet their new addition Palmer).
  • And the one I am very optimistic about is You finally gave John and me what seems to be a positive roadmap to Sawyer’s needs, meaning two amazing new schools and a therapist to help us a long the way. His world is right side up.

So with 2016 behind me, I plan to enter 2017 with a fresh new mind, an optimistic outlook, and remember there is always something to be thankful for.

Peace out 2016 and Cheers to 2017!

Here are memories I plan to hold dear from this year:








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