Scout // 19 Months

Scout turned 19 months a few days ago (Jan. 24) and I completely forgot to blog his updates. But not to fear, here is how our sweet boy is doing.


He literally is smiling 90 percent of his day. He wakes up ready to eat every morning and as long as he has a snack and a drink in his hand, he is good to go. His school has even commented that he never stops smiling. He is turning into a little chatterbox too lately, trying to make his own sentences. While he isn’t near where Sawyer’s language was at this age he is still completely on track for his age.

Here is Sawyer at 19 months:

Scout’s 19-month stats

 weight: 29 lbs. – at 18 months he was 28 lbs.

height: 33.5 in. – at 17 months he was 33.5 in.

 clothing:  Mostly 2T, some 18-24 months. Wears a size 6 and 7 shoe

diapers: Size 5

eating: This boy loves everything! His favorites are probably string cheese, yogurt, bananas, and cereal


sleeping: Still sleeping from 7:15 pm – 7 am. Napping at school is going great (about 2 hours).

teething: Lost track but looks like all of them.

other updates: My favorite new thing he says is “string cheese” it is adorable. He blabbers a lot and we can’t really make out what he is saying but he is definitely trying. He loves to sit on his chair with his snacks and watch TV with his brother. Sawyer never really sat still so this is exciting for us! He found his tongue and loves to stick it out! He also has sort of vetoed sitting in a booster and would rather just sit on a regular chair. He has been pretending to go potty on his little potty and his favorite thing is bath time! A new nightly routine is Sawyer reads a book to him and it is so adorable, he even puts him to bed.

Here are a few more photos from the month:

loves yogurt!

our sunday grocery shopping, even holding hands

how he likes to watch TV

snacking on bananas

getting good at the shape sorter

bath time is the best time!

nightly story time with brother

making friends at school

fun at school

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