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Sawyer turns 5!!

Let’s eat cake!
And just like that our baby boy turned 5 years old!

I was ready for how emotional I would be with this birthday…I think it is because this year he will start school and I hear once that starts time really passes you by!

As I have written in the past few months, 2016 was quite the year for Sawyer but we are feeling so wonderful with where we are today. Seeing his maturity and emotional growth has been amazing and I am so excited to see him flourish in Kindergarten in the Fall.

He had his 5 year checkup on his actual birthday and he has definitely grown (46 lbs. and 3 ft. 7 inches tall). Unfortunately he had to get his kindergarten immunizations but he handled it very well, especially since Grandma took him for a toy afterward.

We celebrated his big day with a LEGO themed birthday party last Saturday at the Hammons Field Training Facility. This was our 3rd year having his party there and once again he had an absolute blast! My mom commented she really noticed how he is growing up because he didn’t ask once for her to play him and spent the entire party with his friends. This is HUGE! He has always been attached to her hip!

I designed the LEGO invites, ordered a custom shirt from LolaBluetique on Etsy, my coworker Adam designed the sweet LEGO Sawyer sign, and the custom LEGO cookies and cake came Stacey’s Sweets in Ozark.

Scout also really enjoyed himself this year, especially the bounce house.



a little shy!

knuckles from Louie!


Snuggles with Uncle Rob

Missing Trina this year 😦


Silly cousins, Kaiden and Sawyer
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Loading up all the gifts!
Thank you to all our family and friends who helped make his day so special!


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