Scout // 20 months


Scout was 20 months on Feb. 24!! I swear, I just can’t keep up with these each month because it is going by too fast. I joke that if I could clone him I would have many more babies…but since that is impossible we are sticking with just the two boys, ha!

So they say not to compare children, but looking back on Sawyer at this same age is just shocking to me. He was saying sentences and going on the potty. He even had his first haircut (Scout has hardly any hair)! Scout is doing just fine and is not behind by any means, but lordy I had no idea how smart Sawyer was (sorry Scout you are very smart too!).

Here are Sawyer’s stats at 20 months:

Scout’s 20-month stats

weight: 30 lbs. – at 19 months he was 29 lbs.

height: 33.5 in. (I think) – at 19 months he was 33.5 in.

clothing:  Mostly 2T, some 18-24 months. Wears a size 7 shoe

diapers: Size 5

eating: Still loves to eat almost everything, carbs top the list. His favorites are cereal, string cheese, yogurt, bananas, apples, and turkey dogs.

spaghetti at school
sleeping: gets sleeping around 7 pm and will sleep until we wake him around 6:45 am. Still naps anywhere from 1-3 hours in the afternoon.

teething: All of them are in!

other updates: Officially obsessed with the movie Wreck it Ralph just like his older brother. He insists on watching it every evening after school and will sit through the whole thing. He even makes a little noise when he wants us to fast forward through the commercials. He carries around Sawyer’s old Ralph and Felix dolls and says “Ralph” perfectly. He now talks (mostly nonsense) with us during dinner just like he is part of the conversation. He loves our dog Bowie and says “Hi Bobo” when he sees him. A lot of words are becoming much clearer and he has quite the vocabulary! I think my new favorite thing he does is sing and talk to himself in his crib. He will lay there for 15-20 minutes just keeping himself entertained, such a sweet soul!

watching Ralph, of course
Here are a few more photos from the month:

playtime at Itty Bitty City
decorating cupcakes at school
playground time
jeep date
at brother’s birthday party with his Ralph
sweet cheeks
going for a walk at school

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  1. Two things… I think you meant “clone” not “clown” lol. And is he just wearing a diaper and a bib eating spaghetti at school?? 😊 He has the best personality. I love him to the moon and back! ❤

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