Scout is turning 2!


he’s tender and bashful but boyish and brute; impossibly clever and cunningly cute!

With Scout turning 2 years old on June 24, I messaged my friend Megan and asked if she would have time to snap a few pictures of him for his birthday. She, of course, obliged and spent one of her precious evenings with us (she is also a mother of 2) just walking around downtown in the scorching heat as we laughed and played. She even brought cupcakes to celebrate.

While our intention was to just get some of Scout, maybe a couple of the family…I have to say I was blown away when I saw the result. She was able to candidly capture both boys’ personalities (as you can see Sawyer is in his “no smile” phase) and even gave me some new favorites of Sawyer and John and me. I even like one she took of me (without me knowing), and that never happens.

But of them all, my ultimate favorite is this one…


She was able to sum up in one shot what it is like for parents with two year old (do you see the look of defeat on our faces?!?).

Megan, I know you don’t believe it and just call it a hobby…but you are sincerely talented. Thank you for sharing your gift with our family, we are forever grateful. (note: you might recall she took some Fall photos for us last year and knocked it out of the park then too! See those here:

They are all my favorites, but if I had to choose…here are my top picks:

See them all here: https:///




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