Two Cents // Lavender Falls


Lavender, is there anything that smells better? I am sure there are some that might disagree, but for me it is a favorite scent!

Since my kids were babies I would put drops of lavender oil in their bath and under their pillow at night to relax them. Hands down, if I see lavender scented anything you better believe I am buying it!

Enter Lavender Falls.

Located in Clever, MO, Lavender Falls is a family farm that produces handcrafted products and food items from their lavender plants.

There is nothing “fancy” about the farm, its rustic and charming. It’s a great place to relax, grab a signature cocktail, take in the picturesque view, and soak in the amazing smell! The menu is simple and the ambiance is mellow. But their back-story of how this place came to be is truly what is inspiring.

Read all about it on their website

On our visit last Sunday, we ordered the lavender hummus and the goat cheese with lavender honey. The boys shared lavender lemonade and John and I tried their signature cocktail (mix of lavender simple syrup with Prosecco). We all loved the food, Sawyer ate the goat cheese like it was going out of style!

The drinks were light and very good, not too “lavender.” Overall we give it 8 thumbs up! I browsed through their small shop of products they have inside and came home with two bundles of fresh lavender ($10 a bundle) to hang in our closet. It is day two and my closet already smells amazing.

The boys would say their favorite parts about visiting the farm were the tree swing, the hike to the waterfall (hence the name), and playing in the creek. They have a friendly labradoodle that roams around, named Momma Bear, which Scout instantly became best friend with. If you sit right by their creek, the smell is incredible!

Catherine & Thor, thank you for sharing your farm with us…can’t wait to come back!

Here are some pictures from our visit:

walking up to the dining area
view from the patio
This swing was our favorite


signature cocktail and lavender lemonade
exploring the creekside


a look down from the Falls
meeting Mama Bear
The lavender hummus and goat cheese with lavender honey plate
Mama Bear knows how good it is!


playing in the creeks


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