Scout // 24 months


Well this is it…my last monthly update for Scout. He is officially two which means I have to accept he is no longer a baby but a full-grown toddler. So much has changed since that first post (read it here). Not only the obvious things (walking, talking, etc.), but over the past 24 months we have learned who Mr. Scout is, his quirks, facial expressions, likes/dislikes, and even the sound of his maturing voice and giggle. When you compare him now and then, it is shocking how fast they grow and how much they learn.

Thanks to Megan Beckham for the perfect picture and Stacey’s Sweets for the adorable BBQ themed cupcakes

We had a wonderful 2nd birthday party for him last weekend at our home. Family and friends joined us for a BBQ and we of course had to get a bounce house. Sawyer took all the kiddos for rides in his truck. Scout’s favorite gift was the bubble lawn mower from his Aunt Rachel. He pushed it around all night! His second favorite is the big boy watch my parent’s got him…now he is just like his big brother.

Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate!!

Here is Sawyer at 24 months:

Scout’s 24-month stats

weight: 33 lbs. or 96th percentile – at 23 months he was 31.5 lbs.

height: 35 in. or 74th percentile – at 23 months he was 34 in.

clothing:  Mostly 2T. Wears a size 7 shoe

diapers: Size 6 (and started pull-ups)

eating: he is a picky eater at home, but seems to eat anything and everything at school. His favorites are all fruits, string cheese, grilled cheese, corn dogs (chicken of course), hot dogs (turkey), and most breakfast items. He also currently loves “pop-pops” (lollipops).

sleeping: Still from about 7 pm – 7 am every day. Still naps too at least 1.5 – 2 hours.

teething: All of them are in!

other updates: He went pee on the potty!!!! He is super interested in potty training now so we went ahead and got him pull-ups. He wakes up every morning and wants to go and yesterday, he was successful twice (in the morning and when he went to bed). While from past potty training experience, I know this could be a short-lived phase, I am running with it while he takes the lead. He is also talking so much more and putting multiple words together. He loves to tell people his brother Sawyer rides a bus “Sisi home, bus” which means, “Sawyer is at home waiting for his bus”. He just thinks that is the neatest thing. He is starting to really like to go to the pool too and one phrase he likes to say when we are on our way there is, “Pool Ya!” He also can count to 5 but prefers to say “1, 3, 5”. He started in a new classroom (Periwinkle – 2s room) this week and I can’t wait to see and hear all the new things he will learn!

Success! He even stood up! 

Here are a few of his favorite things:

  • Color: Orange
  • Animal: Fox
  • Song: Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake
  • Drink: apple and orange juice mixed
  • Snack: popcorn
  • Movie: Trolls (was Ralph)
  • Word: Mine or No
  • Book: Brown Bear
  • Activity: Bath time
  • Toy: Minions


a brand new minion toy, of course!

Here are pictures from his birthday party and few others from this month:

Headed to the pool
loves when Aunt Rachel cuts his hair
plays in the sink while we cook
Potty Training is a blast!
Birthday donut!
a fun day at my company’s picnic
birthday morning snuggles
Scout is Two, Let’s BBQ!


Blowing out his candle
The prized bubble mower


Lovin’ on Aunt Rachel


Amanda, Trina, and me
truck rides
He loves Aunt Trina!
Ashton getting to drive
hugs for his buddies
the bounce house was a hit


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