Gabriella Marie // 8.30.17


I never thought I would have baby fever again, but then I met my niece Gabi! So for that, I want to say THANK YOU SIS for sharing her with me to get some baby snuggles in and any ideas of adding a third child to our household!

Having children of my own has been the most excited and life-changing moment of my live thus far, but seeing my little sister or 11 years give birth was a close (don’t worry my wedding is up there too). Seeing someone who you say being born actually having a children is so special. I was standing outside the room shaking with excitement as my parents and I joked off our nervous energy. My mom an dI even burst into tears when we heard her little cry just 36 minutes after my sister started pushing!

I can’t get enough of my sweet niece, but most of all from this experience, I can’t get over how amazing of a mother my sister already is!! She also has the wonderful support system from her boyfriend and Gabi’s awesome daddy, Perris. 

While by age she might be young, seeing her with her daughter, she is so mature and definitely a natural…like she has been doing it all her life. She struggled through a long day of labor, but toughed it out like a champ. The next morning when the nurse asked her pain level, she responded “A zero”. And then when I texted her today and asked her how she was holding up (knowing she must be tired), she responded “Tired but it will get better.” I am just blown away. Congrats, sis! You are seriously a rockstar and I have a whole new respect for my little sis.

Oh and as you can see from the pictures, Sawyer might have an obsession as well. He can’t stop kissing her and loves holding her. Scout has even started saying “Baby Gabi” but isn’t quite ready to hold her yet. I am so excited to see these cousins play together!


Here are the details:

Gabriella Marie

Birthday: Wednesday Aug. 30 at 9:37 pm

7 lbs. 12 oz. – 20 inches long


Slideshow of the lovely Gabi!

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