Thankful every day

Thankful for these sweet faces

I have been slacking on blogging the past couple months!

Not to make excuses, but it is because we have been BUSY! With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought it was a perfect time to slow down and share why I am thankful. However, I am a firm believer in doing this every day. For example, I keep a journal for this exact reason.

my “blessings” journal

Every morning before I start my day, I write out three things:

  1. What I am looking forward to today.
  2. What I am thankful for today.
  3. If I can accomplish one thing today, what would it be.

I do this not only to stop and appreciate each day, but also to slow down and proactively make a conscious decision to take control of my day in a positive way. I think mornings get a bad rap, especially for people who go to an office every day. Why not make it something you look forward to. To me, it is a fresh start. You get a “do over” from how the day before ended. Keeping a journal like this re-trains your mind to come to work and focus on positivity versus getting there to just get stuff done. Try it, you might be enlightened.

So, this Thanksgiving, here are a few things I plan to include in my list of blessings.

  • My faith – this is number one because without it, I would feel lost. It is my foundation and my strength. The items below would simply not be without God’s blessings.
  • My sons – who are healthy, happy, and extremely loved and show me such selfish love. They are smart, funny, and handsome (yes, I am biased).
  • My husband – he loves our children and me unconditionally. His unwavering support of my endless professional and personal ventures deserves an award
  • Wonderful relationships with every member of our families – We really are blessed in the family department!
  • A new niece, Gabriella – she’s healthy and, um, well the cutest thing I have ever seen!
  • Careers we love – both John and I love what we do and feel like we are in positions perfect for our interests and skillset. Plus, we are pretty lucky to work for some fantastic people!
  • Our first entrepreneurial undertaking – we were able to partner with a great couple, Sarah & Adam Howey, to launch a mobile app (SelectSitter) to serve a need we wanted to fix, as parents. Check it out here, we’d love the support:
  • Food, a home, and clothes on our backs – while this might seem obvious, there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t thank God that my children are warm with full bellies. No one is immune to homelessness or hunger, and I plan to make sure my kids appreciate everything we have.
  • Friends – I truly believe friends are the family you choose, and boy, do I have some great ones. You know who you are, and you mean the world to me!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, may you see the blessings all around you and in this awesome world we call home.



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