Photos // Fall Family 17

You know you take a lot of family pictures when…

from the time you get out of the car to taking said pictures, to getting back in the car is only a total of 12 minutes.

My friend Megan is just that good! I had asked if she would get a few for our Christmas card and even though it was misting (sort of felt like we were in the shower), she was able to get us a new set of family photos in record time.

She was even able to get a few of her sweet littles with Sawyer and Scout. Sawyer and Brooks are buds and Ruby and Scout have a little romance developing.

Thank you Megan as always for these precious memories!

See them all here:


HamraChristmas-11_editsHamraChristmas-4_editsHamraChristmas-5_editHamraChristmas-7 copy_editsHamraChristmas-10_editsHamraChristmas-12_editsHamraChristmas-13_editsHamraChristmas-15_editsHamraChristmas-17_edits


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