Two Cents // Fritz’s Adventure

Do we look sweaty?

Spring break is here! It is our first time as spring breakers as parents of a school-age child. It frightened me a bit thinking of planning a fun day with Sawyer because I assumed parents like me would also be flocking to spring break hot spots (especially indoors with our current weather situation) to keep kiddos busy. I really dislike crowds, but I bucked up and planned a day, just us two to Fritz’s Adventure in Branson, MO. Just about 40 minutes down south from us, it was a quick trip and he didn’t even notice the car ride (especially with FUN. playing on the radio, some snacks, and his iPad).



Think of ninja warrior, meets rock climbing gym, meets back-in-the-day DiscoveryZone. It’s similar to the City Museum in St. Louis, but on a smaller scale and outdoorsier. It isn’t just for kids either; I paid to participate and am so glad I did!


Here are some things that will help you plan your visit. They are running a promotion right now that if you buy your tickets online you get 10 percent off (worth it!). Also, I recommend going early. They open at 10 a.m. the month of March (except on Sundays they open at 12 pm). We went right when they opened and there were barely any people there until after lunch. Then they got crazy busy and you had to wait in line for the big things like the climbing walls and ropes course.

He was still able to do the smaller ropes course


If you kid is less than 48 inches (like Sawyer who is only 47 inches), they will not be able to do the high ropes course or harnessed activities (large rock walls and climbing). But despite these height requirements, Sawyer (who is 6) didn’t seem to notice. His favorite things didn’t require him to be more than 48 inches (laser room and airplane) There is also an under 42-inch wristband that limits other activities.

Sawyer’s favorite spot


It’s pricey, but we spent five-plus hours there. Admission gives you access all day and they are open until 8 p.m. Since Sawyer was under the height requirement for the Jr. Adventurer, he was considered a limited adventurer and so was I, which ended up saving us some money.

Here’s the pricing breakdown

  • Toddlers – FREE
  • Jr. Adventurer (4-11) – $21. 95
  • Adventurer (12 – 54) – $29.95
  • Sr. Adventurer (55+) – $14.95
  • Limited Adventurer – $21.95
  • Non-Adventurer – $11.95

Adventurer/Junior/Senior Adventures have unlimited access to all indoor activities (including the harness activities like the ropes course and rock/climbing walls)

Limited Adventurers have access to all non-harnessed activities

Non-Adventurers have access to limited entry-level only (basically if you want to go and watch your kiddos but not participate).


Personal items

I’d recommend leaving them in the car or you have to pay $5 for a locker. I am too much of a cheap skate to pay for a locker. I did find someone’s car keys laying at the bottom of one of the slides, so you might consider zipping pockets if you don’t want to rent a locker! No outside food or drink is allowed either.

Our tasty lunch…we were famished!


We opted to eat lunch there so we didn’t have to leave…Sawyer’s choice. I was impressed with the quality of food and affordable prices. Not what you usually get at a tourist attraction. I had a salad and Sawyer choose the grilled cheese and chips. We both really liked what we got. I also loved that they offer healthy sides like hummus, veggies, and they even serve the kids’ meals on a Fritz’s Frisbee you get to keep, score!

I have to admit, when we walked in, I was skeptical that it was worth the high price tag. It wasn’t until we started exploring that I truly felt it was worth it. There is way more to do than meets the eye (underground tunnels? Hello!) We will definitely be back, but are waiting a few months for when Sawyer is 48 inches tall. It is so nice that there are places like this near by. For our next adventurer, we are wanting to check out two newer places near Branson: Runaway Mountain Coaster and Snow-Tube Hill at Wolfe Mountain. Stay tuned for a blog on those fun spots.

You can tell he had a good time by the redness of his face
selfie up high


into the tunnels like a ninja turtle
I spot a Sawyer


some of the climbing walls

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