Photos / Fall Family 19

I took a bit of a hiatus, not intentionally.

I am noticing as I near the end of my thirties, my priorities have changed without me even realizing it. I love to write, and always will, but instead of filling my free time writing like I used to, my unused time is spent reading and exercising. Of course, I spend the majority of my time with my kids and my sweet husband, but if I can break away for “me” time, 9 times out of 10, I will pick up a book or lace up my running shoes. Needless to say, blogging has taken aback burner. However, I miss it! I miss the satisfaction of taking a random thought and spewing it onto a page, going from a spark of an idea to a well developed narrative. For non-writers this probably sounds painful, but it is my therapy.

With it being fall, I booked our yearly family photos. This seemed like the perfect excuse to jump back on the blog wagon. In the past few years, I have hired a friend who is seriously talented (check out our photos last year!) but since she is another busy mom, I decided to research other local photogs and try someone new. I stumbled about Tayllour from The Honey & the Bee Photography and stalked her for a few weeks. Her photography style, mood, tone and coloring gave me all the feels. I finally messaged her and we instantly connected and it was a done deal.

The day of the shoot, she messaged and asked what kind of music my boys liked, and I knew this shoot would be different. I sent her my boys favorite songs (anyone guess Old Town Road and the Git Up?) and when we arrived she walked up with a radio and organic fruit snacks as bribes. I already knew this would be a match made in heaven.

The location was Fellows Lake at 5:45 p.m. in late October. The setting was exactly what I had in my head. She even sent me a list of dresses she has been wanting to photograph and the one I bought had already been one I had been eying (for those interested it is from Vici Collection).

The whole shoot was so easy, the boys played and danced. It was naturally us, no posing strange to get a good shot, just letting us…be us. Tayllour even allowed Scout to take some pictures and he snapped my favorite one of Sawyer.

If you are needing a photographer in Springfield, MO, or the surrounding area, you shoudl definitely check her out. I promise you will leave with memories, laughs, and some incredible images of your family! Thank you Tayllour for these treasures!

Here are a few of my favorites, but see the whole album HERE

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