Eat This / Kid-Friendly Whipped Coffee

You might be thinking, “Why would you give your kids coffee?” I promise I haven’t lost my mind in during COVID-19…well, maybe just a little.

With the recent popularity of Dalgona Coffee (aka Whipped Coffee) recipes all over social media and the internet, John and I had to try it out. We are coffee lovers, especially cold coffee, and with its cheap price tag and easy instructions, we jumped on board. Even if it turned out awful, we weren’t out much time or money. Glad to report, we’re fans!

Here is a little background on what the fad born out of quarantine is and why this velvety, sweetness can even be kid-friendly (just show your kids a pic and they’ll beg you for one).

Dalgona Coffee is a Korean-based drink with milk topped with a foam made with coffee and sugar and boiling water (almost like a reverse cappuccino). Here is the best part…you use instant coffee which is cheap and easy to find (not like toilet paper or disinfectant wipes these days).

John whipped up – pun intended – our first batch and we were instantly hooked. My youngest loves the taste of coffee and asked to try it. But since he is only 4 (caffeine already pours through his body) we thought, hey let’s just make him a kid-friendly version that is decaffeinated.

Since it tastes like a treat, the sans caffeine version would be nice after dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Here are just three steps to try it out.

Kid-Friendly Whipped Coffee


  • 2 tbsp. granulated sugar
  • 2 tbsp. instant decaf coffee (swap for regular if making for adult)
  • 2 tbsp. cold or hot water (we’ve tried both and cold just makes it more fluffy)
  • Ice, for serving
  • Milk, for serving (we use almond milk)


  1. In a small bowl, combine sugar, instant coffee, and water.
  2. Using a hand mixer or a whisk, vigorously whisk until mixture turns smooth and fluffy. Continue whisking until it thickens and holds its lofty, foamy shape. If whisking by hand, it takes us about 5-8 minutes to get full fluffiness.
  3. Fill a glass almost full with ice and milk, then add the whipped coffee mixture on top. If desired, mix before drinking.
whisk until shiny and frothy

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