Eat This / My First Juice Cleanse

My husband and I aren’t new to cleansing and fasting. We have seen great results from bone broth cleanses and intermittent fasting over the years. Typically, we sprinkle in a cleanse throughout the year as a way to detox our body and reenergize. With the warmer temperatures and weeks of quarantining, I wanted to explore the world of juice cleanses (can’t imagine drinking hot broth with 100 degree temps). If you are like us, I bet you might have drank and ate way more than you planned being stuck indoors!

I made sure I did my research and looked at the various companies who offer cleanses online and locally, because there are A LOT! I weighed not only nutritional contents, but also shipping delays (due to Covid) and costs, reviews, and cost. After a few days of reading a lot online, I landed on Squeezed. (If you decide you want to try, use this link to my referral site and enter that I referred you: – we’d appreciate it!

I picked Squeezed for a few reasons.

First, their cost was the best I found for what you get and they make it super easy. There are customizable options (higher fruit content, all vegetable content, as well as spicy). I could pick the day it was delivered on and they come in a big freezer boxed all numbered in the order you should drink them. They only contain the fruits/vegetables labeled and no additives. Instead of blending, they cold press and cold pressure the juices to ensure safety while conserving nutrition, taste, and consistency.

We selected the 3-day Squeezed Cleanse – honestly I wanted the Super Spicy Squeezed, but I guess I selected the wrong one at checkout so did the intro cleanse. They offer anywhere from 1- to 7-day cleanses.


$89.99 for 6 juices a day for three days

What we got

(18 Bottles Total, 6 Bottles Each Day)

  1. Squeezed 1 (beet, apple, pineapple, carrot, orange, ginger, lemon)
  2. Squeezed 2 (watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, apple, beet)
  3. Squeezed 3 (coconut, pineapple, spinach, apple)
  4. Squeezed 4 (jicama, apple, carrot, lime, ginger, turmeric)
  5. Squeezed 5 (dandelion, watermelon, apple, spinach, cucumber, lemon)
  6. Cashew Milk (cashew, cinnamon, date, filtered water)
Juice 1: Here we go…


After Day 1, I was never hungry and even got my workout in. I literally liked every single juice we got. John wasn’t a huge fan of #2 and #5 because he doesn’t like cucumber, but he still drank them.

Juice 2: Probably my favorite, so refreshing!

INSIDE TIP: Put your juices in the freezer for about 30 minutes (watch out they freeze fast) for a slushee-type consistency! Delicious!

I expected to get a headache since I ditched caffeine, but it never came. I followed closely on the amount of water to consume so I think that helped not only with the headache, but also with hunger. I by no means did this to lose weight, but wanted to see how it impacted weight so we weighed ourselves the day before we started and then after day 1. I was down 3 pounds and John was down 5. I equate most of that to water weight since we were peeing literally every hour.

Juice 3: Yum! This one tastes like a vacation drink!

After Day 2, still felt great and even more energy. I felt a little more hungry so sipped on the cashew milk throughout the morning, which gave me plenty of energy to workout. I decided to skip my normal runs, since that burns way more calories. Instead, I took a long walk and did my ab workout. We didn’t weigh ourselves after this day.

Juice 4: Very interesting flavor, but still good.

After the final Day 3, I honestly felt like I wanted to continue another day. My energy level was great, no headache, no hunger, definitely flushed out that bloated feeling I had been having. John was ready to chew food again, but I honestly wasn’t missing food. My biggest miss during the cleanse was running, I probably could have ran, just would have stocked up on one more of the cashew milk ms as backup if I felt fatigued. We weighed ourselves the morning after Day 3 and both were down. John down 8 pounds and I was down 5 pounds.

Juice 5: Love this one too, I mostly taste the watermelon.

Overall, I am definitely interested in doing again and felt my energy level improved. John said he felt more tired the first couple days but felt good after and wants to do it again. It was definitely worth it!

Cashew Milk: A dessert in the bottle, I’d cleanse again just for this.


The worst thing to do after a cleanse is to go back to eating normally, you will definitely have some side effects. I eased in (besides stopping by my friend’s 40th birthday and enjoying an adult beverage, I had to!) by making a healthy smoothie for my first meal then eating lean throughout the day trying not to eat anything processed (tuna, veggies, fruit). I highly recomend the smoothie I made to ease back in. It is delicious and made with their cashew milk.

Post-Cleanse Smoothie

Just mix the following together in a blender and add ice:

  • Squeezed Cashew Milk (half bottle)
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 cup Spinach
  • 1/4 cup Carrots
  • 1 tablespoons Peanut Butter
  • Water

If you decide a juice cleanse is for you, I highly recommend reading the FAQs on any company’s website to learn if it is a good fit for your health goals. It isn’t for everyone so make sure you do some homework first.

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